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wheelchair lifts

  • New wheelchair lifts and reconditioned wheelchair lifts are available at substantial savings!

    Costs compared to wood and modular ramps/wheelchair lifts.

wheelchair lifts

Order a wheelchair lift today. Raase Lifts offers you:

  • Buy back agreement if no longer needed

  • Funding processing
    • insurance
    • support
    • government
  • 24 hour service
Welcome to Raase Lifts* Specializing in Wheelchair Lifts

With our wheelchair lifts you can enter your home from the comfort and convenience of your garage - out of the rain, snow and cold.
(70% are installed inside)

garage lifts and wheelchair liftsSimplicity Wheelchair Lifts provide safe and easy wheelchair lift access to your home. These affordable and compact wheelchair ramps make existing wooden wheelchair ramps obsolete. Simply wheel onto the ramp, push a button, and your are lifted to the right height to enter your home. Leaving is just as easy.

The Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp is durable, dependable, and easily installed. There are no extensive installation costs to contend with normally associated with vertical wheelchair lifts. The Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp is the future for the 2 million plus wheelchair users to gain their independence to safely and easily have wheelchair access to their homes without assistance.

wheelchair lifts

  • Unassisted Usage - Physically challenged can enter and exit home independently with our wheelchair lifts.

  • Size - Wheelchair lifts fit easily inside attached garage or over existing outdoor steps. Lift is only 8 feet long compared to wood ramps that require 20 to 30 feet.


wheelchair lifts"Before there was no way we could get my husband out of the house, it's very, very handy...I don't know why no one planned something like that years before." ~ Sylvia, Wisconsin

"We are just thrilled with it, it's a wheelchair lift that's reasonably priced." ~ Karen, Tennessee
"I wish I knew about the Simplicity Wheelchair Lift 2 years ago." ~ Tony, Wisconsin