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wheelchair lifts

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Our Wheelchair Lift Products

wheelchair liftswheelchair liftswheelchair lifts

The Simplicity Wheelchair Lifts - the wheelchair ramp that lifts is designed to fit existing steps, porches or stoops without modification. It is only 8 feet long, operates with a standard 115 volt A.C. outlet and weighs 450 lbs. The construction is heavy-duty structural steel and fully-welded steel tubing. The Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp has a lifting capacity of 500 lbs. A single activation button is located on the arm at the bottom of the ramp, and a second button in the remote control unit that is supplied with each Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp.

Safety features have been extensively researched during the development of the Simplicity Wheelchair Lifts - the wheelchair ramp that lifts which will assure the safe operation to all who use one. Stop plates at the end of the ramp are instantly activated when the control button is pressed. When the wheelchair ramp is elevated, the space exposed underneath is covered by an end guard. Should any movement be detected by the photo-electric eye cells on the legs of the Lift Ramp, motion is immediately halted, thus preventing any mishaps should objects or pets move under the lift. Solid side guards add total assurance to the user.

The Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp can be installed with various options: higher lift capacity, 90° platform, handrails, weather canopy, bridge plates and many more.

There are approximately 70% fewer parts in the Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp compared to vertical lifts. The more moving parts, the higher the probability of failure. The only component subject to loss or damage is the remote control. A standard electronic system was selected. The transmitter and receiver can be purchased at your local hardware store. A removable dolly wheel system was designed to facilitate mobility. The unit can be moved to alternate locations and plugged into any standard household electrical outlet. The remote can be easily attached to the wall in the entry way.

The installation of the Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp is completed with little effort. The wheelchair ramp height is factory set allowing the installer to push the ramp into place, plug in, and use immediately. No foundation or electrical wiring work is required. A dolly system option is also available for rolling the ramp into position effortlessly.