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raase wheelchair liftswheelchair liftswheelchair lifts

Snow, rain, wind, and cold will never be a problem because the Simplicity Wheelchair Lifts Ramp - the wheelchair ramp that lifts will fit inside your attached garage or entry and uses minimal floor space. A long, winding wooden wheelchair ramp will distract from your home's front yard and it will not be as attractive as it was intended to be.

The working height of the lift ramp is factory set from 12" to 26". Most homes with 1 to 4 steps will fall within the 12" to 24" range. The majority of attached garage entrances have a height of 14" to 18", making the Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp the perfect choice for these applications.

The Simplicity Wheelchair Lift Ramp - the wheelchair ramp that lifts is so versatile, it can be placed in almost any position in a multitude of arrangements.

wheelchair lifts
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